Durometer Calibration for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.
ISO 9001 Registered
Durometer Calibration Services MA, We calibrate all makes and models of dial and digital durometers, from Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic, Rex and more.
MA Durometer Calibration on all makes and models of dial and digital durometers, from Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic, Rex and more.
Durometer Calibration and Metrology MA
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Employment ISO 9001 Registered
Contact Durometer Calibration Services MA for all makes and models of dial and digital durometers, from Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic, Rex and more.
Get Quote Durometer Calibration Services MA for for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.
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Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies we provide Durometer Calibration
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 Calibrate Durometer for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Durometer Calibration

Coastal Calibration Laboratories provides durometer calibration for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. We calibrate all makes and models of dial and digital durometers, from Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic, Rex and more. We calibrate each durometer at five test points and/or custom test points provided by you. All calibrations are traceable to the International System of Units (SI), established by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We can perform the durometer calibration either on-site at your facility or at our calibration laboratory. Read more about our calibration process.

Why Coastal?
Coastal Calibration Laboratories is an ISO 9001 registered, customer-focused provider of high-quality calibration services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries of New England. We calibrate a full range of analytical and process instruments, from pipettes to bioreactors, in laboratory and manufacturing environments.

Our goal as your quality calibration vendor is to provide calibration services that a) are metrologically valid, b) will be unquestioned by auditors and c) are easy to understand. We accomplish this goal through:

Focus: We are the only company in New England focused on providing calibration to biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. This focus gives us better knowledge of your operating environment and particular needs, which allows us to provide unparalleled calibration services.

Quality: We are an ISO 9001 registered company with a quality system that is compliant with applicable portions of ISO/IEC 17025: General Requirement for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. View our Quality Manual.

Expertise: Our founder and president, Brian Sams, is one of only two Metrologists in New England with a degree in Metrology. In a nutshell, Metrology is the science behind calibration. And, yes, it’s nerdy stuff, but we love it, and it forms the basis of our scientific approach to calibrating your instruments. While other companies simply record measurements and provide certificates, we understand the measurements reported on our certificates. This enables us to better explain the results, which can help you understand the root cause behind any non-conformance so you can defend your position to auditors and improve system performance.

Customer Dedication: We are here to serve you and ease the stress of managing your calibration program. We can usually be at your site within a day or two – sometimes on the same day. We start as early as needed and work as late as needed to accommodate your schedule. We also enable customers to access and print their certificates 24/7 through an easy-to-use interface on our website. View demo here

Contact Us
Whether you need a single instrument or an entire suite or facility calibrated, we’re ready to help. Email or fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.



  Instrument Capabilities
Air Handler
Air Sampler
Chart Recorder
CO2 Indicator
Compound Pressure Gauge
Conductivity Controller
Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Sensor
Conductivity Transmitter

Decade Resistor Depyrogenation Oven
Dial indicator
Digital indicator
Dry bath
Environmental Chamber
Flow Controller
Flow Meter
Force Gauge
Freeze Dryer
Hardness Tester
Heater Column
Hot Plate
Humidity Chamber
Humidity Controller
Humidity Indicator Humidity Meter
Humidity Recorder
Humidity Sensor
Humidity Transmitter Hybridization Oven Hygrometer
Level Controller
Level Sensor
Load Cell
Magnehelic Gauge Manometer
Melting Point Apparatus Micrometer
Minihelic Gauge
Moisture Analyzer Multimeter
Oil Circulator
Optical Comparator
Peristaltic Pump
pH Controller
pH Meter
pH Sensor
pH Transmitter
Photohelic Gauge
Pin Gage
Power Supply
Pressure Calibrator
Pressure Controller
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Regulator
Pressure Switch
Pressure Transducer Pressure Transmitter Process Calibrator Refrigerator
Resistance Box
Resistivity Controller
Resistivity Meter
Resistivity Sensor
Resistivity Transmitter
Roller Apparatus
RPM Controller
RTD Transmitter
Sonicator Spectrophotometer
Speed Controller
Stability Chamber
Steel Rule
Stir Plate
Temperature Bath
Temperature Calibrator Temperature Chamber
Temperature Controller Temperature Indicator
Temperature Meter
Temperature Recorder
Temperature Sensor Temperature Transmitter
Thermal Cycler
Thermocouple Thermometer
Thickness Gauge
TOC Analyzer
Torque Meter
Torque Transducer
Torque Wrench
Vacuum Controller
Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Meter
Vacuum Oven
Vacuum Transmitter
Voltage Tester
Water Bath
Weights/Weight Sets

Why Calibrate?
We all know that calibration is mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, but beyond meeting regulatory requirements, we at Coastal Calibration Laboratories strongly believe that calibration makes good business sense. As equipment ages and undergoes seasonal or daily changes in temperature and humidity or sustains mechanical stress, critical performance gradually degrades. This is called drift. When this happens, your test results become unreliable and both design and production quality suffer. While drift cannot be eliminated, it can be detected and trended through the process of calibration. Properly calibrated equipment gives you the confidence of knowing that your products/ services meet their specifications.
Durometer Calibrator services in MA including all makes and models of dial and digital durometers, from Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic, Rex and more.

Durometer Calibration

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